If you are not able to reach out to the CS Team in-game and you need our support, please click on the chat box icon you'll see in the bottom right of your screen.

Chat box icon

If the icon isn't visible,  reach out by going to our main Customer Support website:

From the list of Scopely games, select "The Walking Dead: Road to Survival" and your preferred language.

Note that unfortunately we might not have native support for your specific language, so we will message you mainly in English (and with the help of online translators).

Then you can click our game's icon and you are sent to the FAQ section. To send us a message, click the chat icon on the bottom right of the screen and you can open a CS ticket. GlennBot will ask you some questions and eventually a CS Agent may reach out to you.

Please, do not forget that even if you request goes through a full flow in the bot without reaching an agent, your ticket will still be reviewed. Depending on your case, an agent may reach out to you, you will need to keep an eye on our Known Issues and Breaking News! articles or you will receive information through your game in-box.

If you browse again from this screen, to resume the thread you will need to select the game's icon again and it should reopen your CS ticket.

Do not hesitate to also visit our Discord channel.

There isn't Customer Support assistance in Discord, but multiple updates are shared in there, and moderators and developers may be able to help with the most common and known issues.

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