The Ex-Borg are defined not by what they are, but by what they are not. They are not Borg. They are not machines. They are simply people trying their hardest to reclaim a life that was taken from them. These refugees are reviled for their indelible link to a race that inspires a deep and primal fear, while their tech is coveted by those seeking power and profit. The Ex-Borg are fighting for their very right to exist in a galaxy that wishes they didn’t. 


The Ex-Borg Faction is positive-only, meaning it's impossible to lose reputation depending on your actions. To unlock the Faction, all you have to do is be Ops level 38 and complete the mission “We are people too” to receive your first Ex-Borg Reputation points.


The Ex-Borg Faction will bring two daily goals, “Freebooter Hunt” and “Freebooter Dominance”, requiring killing 2 and 6 Freebooter hostiles respectively. Freebooters will be hard to destroy, so Commanders will have to get creative!  Ex-Borg credits can be earned from both daily goals, but reputation will only be provided by the “Freebooter Hunt”.

Important notes

  1. Upon unlocking the Faction, you might need to wait until the event reset to see the  “Freebooter” Daily Goals.
  2. Any Daily Goal-related research might not take effect immediately, depending on the time frame the research is completed (same as above).


The Ex-Borg credits can be used either to unlock nodes in the Ex-Borg Research tree or to be more efficient with specific daily grinding activities by purchasing faction store chests. Keep in mind that the Ex-Borg Faction Store chests are based on your specific ships’ tiers (depending on the daily grinding activity, e.g.: Actian Venom - Mantis Tier).



The Ex-Borg Research tree offers a wide variety of nodes that will improve the overall experience by making the existing activities more efficient.  Some nodes will enhance the material cost efficiency, mining rate, and combat buffs (piercing, mitigation, SHP, HHP, reduced PVP damage).