With the Borg threat growing, scientists from all factions gathered and joined forces to bring a new predator to our shipyards!

Taking a page from the Romulans’ formidable Vi’dar, the Vi’dar Talios has exceeded expectations on multiple levels, and is ready to pick up the torch and fight!

Fear not Commander; resistance is not futile. 


How to acquire the Vi’dar Talios?

With the M51 release, you can find the necessary blueprints as a reward in the missions “They Have Adapted” parts 1 and 2. These missions will be available for free to the owners of a Tier 9 Vi’dar that are OPS level 35 and above. Additional blueprints can be found in the Offers tab.

Why is it a good addition to your fleet?

  • Challenges the Expansion Cubes for exclusive rewards
  • Increases rewards in the Borg Refinery
  • Higher impulse speed than the Vi’dar
  • Increases Borg Solo Armada Directives from the Borg Refinery
  • Destroy Borg Solo Armadas with the Reclaimator research unlocked to increase the amount of Uncommon, Rare, and Epic Borg Solo Armada Credits gained from defeating them
  • Unlock the Vi'dar Talios Warp Range research to reach the furthest ends of the galaxy

How to upgrade the Vidar Talios?

You can upgrade your Vi’dar Talios by using your Charged Nanoprobes. These can be gained from the Borg Refinery, Expansion Cube Reward bundle. Additional Charged Nanoprobes can be found in the Offers tab.

What is the Expansion Cube?

The Expansion Cube is a group of Armadas located in Borg systems. You will need Expansion Cube Directives to challenge them, which can be obtained by defeating Borg Solo Armadas. The Expansion Cube has a very strong weapon, the Cube Gravimetric Torpedos that makes them almost invulnerable. You will need to use your Vi’dar Talios wisely to defeat them.

To challenge an Expansion Cube, the Vi’dar Talios time-limited buff “Foreknowledge” is essential! This buff activates automatically after a Borg Sphere is destroyed. The buff lasts for 1 hour and doesn’t stack, meaning that if a player defeats another Borg Sphere while the buff is already active, the buff timer will reset. 

Important note: When you defeat any Borg Sphere the Vi’dar Talios will automatically receive the buff regardless of whether it was used in the battle or not.