The Alliance Starbase capabilities have further expanded! It’s time to unite with our Alliance mates more than ever and prepare for Assaults!

Assaults are a new type of combat that allow an Alliance to attack an Alliance Starbase to steal Plasma. To support this new combat, new buildings have been added, which increase the base combat capabilities of the Alliance Starbase, allowing Alliances to better protect themselves.

How to prepare for Assaults?

New research nodes and buildings have been added to our arsenal. Those will help you prepare your offense and fortify your Alliance Starbase. 


The below Starbase research nodes will increase your Combat efficiency during an Assault. 

  • Cardassian Weakpoints
  • Cardassian Assault Damage
  • Resistance Defensive Maneuvers
  • Cardassian Armor Schematics
  • Rally the Resistance
  • Bajoran Inspiration


There are nine buildings available in the Alliance Starbase:

  • Command Control
  • Shield Modulator
  • EPS Distributor A, B, C
  • Exographic Targeting Array A, B, C
  • Tachyon Detector

Where are the new buildings located on the Alliance Starbase?

The combat buildings are all placed together on a new super-structure. This separates them from the existing buildings, which deal primarily with the harvesting and storage of Plasma. 

You can move between the two super-structures using the arrow controls on the Alliance Starbase management screen.

Does that mean the Alliance Starbase has multiple targets?

For combat, there is only a single, unified Alliance Starbase. Only Alliance Members are able to see and interact with the various super-structures.

What resources do we need to construct the new buildings?

The new buildings use the same resources as other Alliance Starbase buildings, including Subspace Superconductors, Collisional Plasma, Magnetic Plasma and Active Plasma.

How can I start an Assault?

To start an Assault, your Alliance must build the Command Control building on your Alliance Starbase. In addition, the assaulting Alliance’s Starbase must be deployed to a Plasma storm for Alliance Members to start an Assault.

Once built, any Alliance Member over Operations Level 15 can initiate an Assault against another Alliance Starbase. They must spend Tactical Mandates from their own inventory to begin the Assault.

While there is a pending Assault against an Alliance Starbase, it may not be relocated or undeployed.

How can I get Tactical Mandates?

Tactical Mandates can be found in the Alliance Altruism pack (Alliance store), the Alliance Unity Daily Goal, or the Offers tab. 

How can I join an Assault?

Alliance members must be within the marker radius when the timer completes to be a member of the Assault. The timer for an Assault is set to 10 minutes.

Each player may only contribute one ship to the Assault, which is auto-selected based on the ship’s power rating. However, the Assault Leader may flag specific members as part of the Assault to overwrite the defaults.

The total number of Assault participants is determined by the Command Control module of the assaulting Alliance.

How can I tell if an Assault is occurring?

When an assault is initiated, both the assaulting and defending Alliances will be notified in-game and through push notifications. In addition, Alliance Members can see Assaults initiated by their Alliance and incoming threats against their Alliance Starbase in the Combat section of the Alliance screen.

What do we earn from an Assault?

When an Alliance successfully performs an Assault against an Alliance Starbase, a percentage of unprotected Plasma from the defending Alliance’s inventory is directly transferred to the assaulting Alliance’s inventory. This Plasma does not enter into the cargo of the assaulting ships.

The percentage of unprotected Plasma transferred is calculated based on the relative amount of Hull Health damage the Assault dealt against the station during the Assault. This means that any Assault which deals Hull Health damage will award the assaulting Alliance with a percent of the defending Alliance’s unprotected Plasma.

How does the Tachyon Detector work?

The Tachyon Detector allows the detection of cloaked ships while there is a pending Assault against the Alliance Starbase. This is automatic and does not require the defending Alliance to perform any action. 

The Tachyon Detector will only detect cloaked ships that meet the following criteria:

  • The Cloaked ship is owned by a player that is a member of the Alliance assaulting the Alliance Starbase
  • The Cloaked ship is in the same system as the Alliance Starbase that is being assaulted

Detected ships are still considered cloaked for combat purposes and retain any buffs earned by being cloaked.

Only members of the defending Alliance are able to see the detected ships. They will still be invisible and untargetable by other players or marauders.

How can we defend against an Assault?

While Alliances can take an active defense by attacking any incoming assaulting Alliance Members, they can also undeploy the Alliance Starbase to prevent an Assault from being initiated against them.

What happens when we undeploy the Alliance Starbase?

Undeploying the Alliance Starbase removes it from the system and makes it unavailable as a target for an Assault.

When undeployed, the Alliance Starbase:

  • Cannot be targeted by other Alliances for an Assault.
  • Does not harvest Plasma, as it is not located on a Plasma Storm.
  • Prevents Alliance Members from being able to Assault other Alliance Starbases.
  • Prevents Alliance Members from initiating construction or upgrade of Alliance Starbase buildings. 

Construction that has already started will continue even when the Alliance Starbase is undeployed.

How do we undeploy the Alliance Starbase?

In order to undeploy the Alliance Starbase, you must be Commodore or higher in rank. The Alliance Starbase may not be undeployed when there is a pending Assault.

How do we repair the Alliance Starbase?

If an Alliance Starbase is damaged from an Assault, it will automatically repair itself slowly over time. An Alliance may speed up this process by spending Alliance Reserves. This action requires the Alliance Member to be Premier or higher in rank.

Important Notes

  • An Alliance Starbase may be assaulted even if it has not built the Command Control module.
  • Alliance Starbases may not relocate or be undeployed if there is a pending Assault against it.
  • While undeployed, Alliance Members will not be able to initiate an Assault against enemy Alliance Starbases.
  • Undeploying an Alliance Starbase prevents modules from being constructed or upgraded.
  • The Tachyon Detector module activates automatically; Alliances do not need to perform an action to activate it.