"Ad Astra Per Aspera"

The Federation Faction is one of the three core factions you can progress through the game. As you kill Federation, Romulan, and Klingon hostiles, you will notice that each of them gives Positive and Negative Reputation points. To progress through the ranks, you need to focus on gathering Positive reputation from your actions. There are several ways to collect Reputation points, like participating in Faction events, killing opposite Factions hostiles, completing missions, etc.

As your reputation changes, you will be categorized accordingly in the Federation Faction store. If your Category is below Tolerated, you will spawn an Enemy Hostile once you enter Federation space, and a greater than normal power ship will try to destroy you for invading!

Each Tier of Positive Reputation unlocks new items, which can be purchased from the Federation Faction store mainly by using your Federation credits. The list of items is long, but among others, you can find Blueprints for Federation ships, Federation recruit tokens, and raw resources.

Important note, you will find Commendations among the list of items available for purchase in the Faction store; they are only needed for specific missions and should only be purchased when that mission is on your Active list.