The time has come for the bonds to grow stronger between our brothers and sisters. It’s time to, once more, come together and bring glory to our Alliance!

The Alliance Starbase provides an Alliance with unique buffs and access to the new Starbase Research tree. In addition, when deployed, the Alliance Starbase will harvest Plasma from Plasma Storms across the galaxy. This Plasma can then be spent by the Alliance to upgrade the capabilities of the Alliance Starbase.
How can we build our Alliance Starbase?
To construct the Alliance Starbase, an Alliance must collect Subspace Superconductors. Once collected, these can be spent by an Admiral or Commodore to build the Alliance Starbase by either selecting an empty Plasma Storm or the Starbase card in the Alliance UI.

An Alliance may only have one Alliance Starbase.
Where can we get resources for the Alliance Starbase?
Most of the resources you will need to build and progress the Alliance Starbase are awarded from purchasing bundles in the Alliance Store. To purchase these bundles, you need to earn Cardassian Loot or Superior Cardassian Loot, which can be acquired by destroying Cardassian Stations.
Where can I find Cardassian Stations?
Cardassian Stations are located in the following systems:
  • Level 27: Myyric
  • Level 30: Cardassia
  • Level 33: Draygo IV, Celtris, Valo, McAllister C-5
  • Level 36: Kora, Unefra, Andrita
  • Level 39: Trelka V, Borias Cluster, Manora
  • Level 42: Vetar, Lazon, Mora
  • Level 45: Vanden, Arawath
  • Level 50: Rudellia
How do we harvest Plasma?
To harvest Plasma, your Alliance must relocate the Alliance Starbase to an available Plasma Storm. You will only be able to harvest Plasma if you have the appropriate type of Plasma Harvesters built on the starbase. For example, you will need Magnetic Plasma Harvesters to harvest Magnetic Plasma.

Once deployed, the Harvesters will harvest Plasma at a fixed rate based on their level. An appropriately ranked Alliance member (Commodore or higher) will need to periodically collect the harvested Plasma from the Harvester into the Alliance Inventory.

The Alliance Starbase can only collect a fixed amount of Plasma, determined by the Plasma Processor, from a Plasma Storm before it will need to be relocated.
Where can we find Plasma Storms?
Plasma Storms are located in the following systems:
Collisional Plasma Locations
Level 16: Bharani, Eizeb, Jishui, Kaus Australis, Ora Leraa, Pune
Level 17: Aciben, Freyda, Kaus Borealis, Kaus Media, Oltomon, Vemet
Level 18: Bubeau, Dalukerinborva, Helvetios, Skyedark, Todem, Wezen
Level 19: Eisenhorn, Gelvin, Kosz, Wasat, Zeta Polis, Zhang
Level 21: Baryn, BeK, Le'Onor, Llorrac, Lo'Uren, Mada
Level 22: Dauouuy, Iocau, Jonauer, Rosec, Woxoxit, Zadiaoo
Level 23: Foaiveb, Godui, Gowok, Posel, Tufem, Uikuv

Magnetic Plasma Locations
Level 29: Morska, P'Jem, Rator
Level 30: Ascher, Doloran, Elequa, Emie, Galorndon Core, H'Atoria, Jaq, Lloyd, Noakyn, Nurnias, Parka, Sahqooq
Level 31: Barklay, Ebisu, Inari, Lempo, Lipig, May'lang, Robeton, Sinisser, Tandorian, Tullias, Ulrich
Level 32: Izanagi
Level 33: Aiti, Ferrer, Kaisu, Kavka, Pekka
Level 34: Tau Ceti
Level 35: Argentomea, Siiolux
How can we relocate the Alliance Starbase?
The Alliance Starbase may be relocated to any available Plasma Storm in the galaxy. This action may only be performed by the Admiral or a Commodore and requires the Alliance to spend the appropriate amount of Alliance Reserves (earned from bundles in the Alliance Store).
What is the Alliance Reputation?
Alliance reputation is a new measure of your connection with your current Alliance. It is unique to each individual Alliance member.

To earn reputation, you can destroy Cardassian Stations or purchase Resistance Bounties, Maquis Bounties or Alliance Altruism bundles from the Alliance Store.

Alliance reputation is required to begin research on specific nodes in the Starbase research tree.

When an Alliance member leaves an Alliance, they immediately lose all of their Alliance reputation. Even if they rejoin the same Alliance, they will not regain any previously earned reputation.
What benefits does the Alliance Starbase provide?
There are two main benefits gained by Alliance members from the Alliance Starbase:
1. Alliance Starbase Modules
The Alliance Starbase is composed of modules that either enable functionality on the Starbase or generate a buff for members of the Alliance.

All members of the Alliance gain the benefits provided by the modules on the starbase, even if they have no Alliance reputation.
2. Starbase Research Tree
The Starbase research tree requires access to an Alliance Starbase. Additionally, as the modules on the Alliance Starbase are improved, Alliance members will gain access to higher levels of research nodes. Each node in the Starbase research tree requires Assembly Medals earned from appropriate Alliance Store bundles to research.

Once the requirements for a research node have been met and research is initiated, a player will not lose that research, even if they leave the Alliance or lose access to an Alliance Starbase.

Like other research trees, research nodes in the Starbase benefit the individual Alliance member, not the entire Alliance.

What is the Alliance Inventory?
Taking a page from Ferenginar, some resources aren’t placed into an Alliance member’s inventory when earned. Instead, these resources are stored in the Alliance Inventory, a centralized repository for resources utilized by the Alliance to perform specific tasks. Examples of this kind of resource include Alliance Reserves, Subspace Superconductors, Alliance Speedups and Refined Isogen.

The Alliance owns the resources stored in the Alliance Inventory. When actions like relocating the Alliance Starbase or upgrading an Alliance Module are performed, the resource is taken from the Inventory, not an individual Alliance member.

Resources added to the Alliance Inventory will stay with the Alliance even if the contributing Alliance member leaves the Alliance in the future.
Who can perform which actions?