The Mantis hails from a secluded and technologically advanced civilization of Majalis. This Battlecruiser class ship has weapons capable of disabling enemies. It was engineered to hunt down Actian hostiles and is ideal for disrupting enemy player ships for PvP engagements. The Mantis is a Rare G4 Battleship and can be built by players Level 33+!

17 Actian Hostile systems have been added, targeting levels 33 to 49 with increasing difficulty meant for tiers 1-12 of Mantis depending on the level of Mantis research completed and the Ship’s crew compliments! These systems require an Ancient Beacon to travel, which can be claimed daily once the Mantis is built.

Some Actian hostiles will grant temporary buffs to your Mantis. Collect these to increase your battle effectiveness against Actian Hostiles! Watch out for the Actian Apex, an even more formidable foe with greater strength and rewards.

Do you want to earn Mantis Ship Upgrades, Mantis Research, Syndicate XP, and Hull Fragments? All you have to do is refine Actian Venom in the Mantis refinery!
Actian Venom can be gathered by defeating Actian Chrysalis and Actian Apex hostiles.

Make sure to upgrade components with Synthetic Nitrium and research Mantis-specific improvements with Synthetic Ion in the Starships section of research.

The Mantis is an excellent support ship for multi-ship PvP engagements. Use the Mantis’ Venomous Puncture ability to debuff an enemy ship. This ability can make or break battle outcomes for ships that are close in power level to one another.

The Mantis utility lies in turning the balance in your favor with two other ships about to enter battle. Use this against your enemies in Incursion events to aid your allies.

Activating Venomous Puncture requires Condensed Venom, which is claimable daily in the refinery. Additional Condensed Venom can be earned through the store. This ability is potent, so wield it wisely!