What is the Infinite Incursions event?

The Infinite Incursions event features servers competing against each other for supremacy. This highly collaborative event relies on the collective efforts of an entire server to achieve victory.

How is scoring handled in the Infinite Incursions event?

Scoring is primarily based on raiding bases and engaging in player-versus-player (PvP) combat. Success in these areas is crucial for enhancing your server’s overall score.

Who can participate?

Infinite Incursions are open to players level 25 and above, and special events leading up to them will be open to players level 20 and above.

Special events also run alongside Infinite Incursions, limited to players level 25 and above.

Incursions Preparation

Success in Excursions hinges on thorough preparation. Participating in pre-event activities enhances your preparedness and your server’s overall strength.

What are the key preparatory events?

Preparatory events typically begin a week before the Incursion. Participating in these events allows you to collect incursion coins, conduits, and other crucial resources for success.

Prep Solo: Gain the power to get some resources

Prep ALB: Help (Contribute) to the Alliance and launch armadas to get a fair amount of Lat and some Ultra recruit token

Prep Server MS: Complete SMS events and build ships to get incursion coins and Incursion conduits.

How to join...

By spending 10 Incursion Conduits, you can invade an opposing server. When you're invading, we'll automatically try to place you in the same station slot you're on your home server. If that slot is occupied, you will be placed in the next available slot in that system or another location if all slots are filled.

How are servers matched?

Several factors are considered when matching servers, including server age and population. Our goal is for both servers to have close to equal strength.

Shielding behavior

During Incursions, all peace shields are suppressed in systems-level 20 and above. The shields are not lost when suppressed, but the duration timer will continue decreasing.

PvP activity while a shield is suppressed will not cause the shield to go away. Instead, it will remain suppressed.

In systems level 20 and above during Infinite Incursions, 10-minute shields do not automatically activate after a station is attacked.

Shields usually work in systems-level 19 and below. The duration timers tick down normally. Shields are automatically applied after a station is attacked, and attacking another player removes any existing shields.

You can normally move between level 20+ and 19 systems using Relocation Tokens, but the above shielding rules apply as soon as the station enters a new zone.

Event Roll out

The event lasts 24 hours; during that time, supporting events will require a back-and-forth between defending and invading.

Server-Wide Buff for the Winning Server

In addition to individual rewards like a new Officer, a new Avatar, etc.… each server that wins the Incursion event will receive a server-wide buff for a week for all players who participated in the Infinite Incursions.

The buff will be either a build speed or a research speed buff, with the buff strength based on the player’s ops level.

Event Store and Currencies

Incursion Coins (Type 1): Earned through participation in pre-event and preparatory activities. These coins can be used to acquire exocomps.

Incursion Coins (Type 2): These are acquired during the incursion event. They can be used to purchase advanced items, including fleet commanders and ship shards, at the event store.

Incursion Conduits: These are earned in the pre-event and preparation activities. They are necessary to complete a crossover to the rival server.