General Bot Flow Walkthrough
  • The first set of options you see when you open up a conversation provides a short list of the most selected reasons our support team is contacted based on historical data. These categories are meant to seed up the support flow and help get the information we need, and to help you out as fast as possible should self-service be available. There is also the option ""Other"" that will allow you to view all the BOT categories. (Other > Something else)
  •  The next step is a set questions to collect information we need to route your ticket to the right support team:
    • Optional: email (in case we need to reopen a ticket and reach out to you)
    • Required: what platform you’re having issues on or have questions about (andriod, ios, pc, etc)
  • In the event that you've selected Other > Something else in the first menu, you will also see a third required question, having you choose from one of the following BOT categories on how we can best help you

BOT categories
  • Gameplay Questions: This category will help you answer questions using our FAQ system. If we can’t answer these questions, we’ll collect your feedback on how we can improve the content for future updates.
  • Report Technical issues or bugs: This category will prompt you to look at our Known Issues FAQ. This will save you the trouble of waiting for a response if the issue has been acknowledged/ worked on by the team. For unlisted issues our team may contact you for more information from your account to help identify the root cause
  • Purchase issues or Refund Requests: For any issues being able to purchase, not receiving items from your purchase, or for requesting a refund.
  • Missing Rewards or Items: Regardless of the source (events, daily goals, BP, etc) this is the best option to use for any missing item or reward in the game outside of purchases
  • Account Issues: This category is for help with lost account, transferring account from one device to another, transferring between servers, and other common account related scenarios
  • Terms of Service & Privacy Policy: This category is for dealing with topics relating to our terms of service or privacy policy, including: Report harassment, Report cheating, Banned/suspended accounts, Report self-harm threats and Data privacy information
  • Feedback/ Something else: Two options to choose from: ""I want to Submit Feedback"" or ""I need help with something else"". The option ""I need help with something else"" will redirect you back to the General categories

Additional Information & Tips
  • The most optimal way to reach out to us is through the in-game help option
  • In case you reach out through our webchats located here and here, we will request you to submit your player ID to initiate an investigation (and perhaps to provide more info during the investigation)
  • The information we request through the BOT will allow us to minimize your waiting time later on
  • In periods of high ticket volume, your patience is highly appreciated
  • Some ticket categories never reach a representative, and that's ok!
    • In such cases, we make sure to gather all the necessary info on your end before closing the conversation. Once this is done, the team reviews all tickets, and we proceed to action if necessary.
If the answer to your issue is not listed above, please check the Known Issues section.