Greetings Commander,

Should you ever log in and notice that your account progress has been reset, please follow the following steps to restore access:

What happened to your game save
We never "Delete" nor "Erase" your progress. What can happen is that our system may fail to load your account from our database, so the game system generates a new user account. This can be caused by any of the following:
  • Logging into the game when you are NOT logged into your Scopely Account
  • Logging into the game when you log in with a NEW Scopely Account account
  • Installing the game on a new device

To regain access
Please verify that you are correctly logged into your Scopely Account. If you are not logged in, simply:
  • Tap on your player profile and select settings
  • Access the option “General” and scroll down to Scopely Account
  • Select Log-in and enter the correct credentials (email and password)
And you’ll be back in action!

If that does not work, please contact support and we will manually restore access.

Please provide us with:
  • Your OLD username that you would like restored
  • Your NEW username that the game system generated for your new account

We'll get you fixed right up!

Team Star Trek FC