Territory Capture introduces a new area of space called the Origin Sector. This area of space consists of zones that may be composed of one or more systems.  Compete with other Alliances to earn the most points during a zone’s Takeover to own that zone and add it to your Alliance’s Territory. As long as your Alliance owns the zone, all members of your Alliance will have access to the benefits associated with that zone.
  • There are no level restrictions around PvP ship combat in the Origin Sector.
  • All systems in the Origin Sector follow Deep Space visibility rules.
  • Every zone has a scheduled takeover time during which Alliances may sign up to join that zone’s takeover and score points.
  • The Alliance that scores the most points during a zone’s takeover will be the owners of that zone.

Ownership Benefits
Alliances that own zones can enjoy the following benefits:
  • Owner Exclusive Housing - only members of the owning Alliance can relocate their stations to the Origin Sector.
  • Players who continue to house their stations in zones that their Alliance do not own, will not be able to activate peace shields.
  • Owner Exclusive Mining - Only members of the owning Alliance can mine in the Origin Sector systems.
  • Mining ships can still be attacked by other players. The winning ship can steal unprotected cargo from the mining ship but will not be able to dock on the mine after destroying the mining ship.
  • Services - Capturing a Territory gives the controlling Alliance exclusive access to purchase specific services related to that zone. Services offer buffs granted to all Alliance members, and can only be activated by the Alliance Admiral or Commodores. Higher tier Zones have more valuable services compared to low tier Zones.
  • All Services obtained from capturing Zones stack together, whether they be from the same Zone, a different Zone or from the same Service type, and will last until the end of the next Takeover.
Alliance Resources
  • Territory Capture requires specific resources that can be gathered by all Alliance members and are automatically transferred to their Alliance's inventory.
  • Alliance members with the appropriate Alliance permissions (Admiral and Commodore) can spend Alliance resources to join Takeovers and active Services.
  • Alliance resources belong to the Alliance and remain in the Alliance inventory even if the player who acquired them leaves the Alliance.
Make sure you visit our blog post for more information: Territory Capture Rules

Seasonal Battle Pass: Territory Capture

To improve and make it more challenging and rewarding, Territory Capture became seasonal with the launch of the new game version, and includes an optional Battle Pass. Scoring points for this TC Battle Pass will require players to deal damage to Ships (PVP), refine Isogen, capture nodes, build or tier-up TC related Ships, Alliance help/contributions during takeover, etc. There are additional Research Tree nodes focusing on Territory Capture-related buffs and a brand new Particle that will be used to unlock those nodes.