The Scrapyard allows you to dismantle unused ships and receive valuable resources, including a chance for materials for the next tier of ships!

How does it work?
  • Once you reach level 20 you can research and construct the Scrapyard.
  • Scrapping a ship will permanently destroy it. This action cannot be reverted.
  • Scrapping rewards are determined by ship type and level, as well as the level of your Scrapyard building.
  • Rewards vary and may include Resources, Blueprints for the scrapped ship type, Ship XP, or Ship Parts.
  • Upgrade your Scrapyard and request Alliance help to increase the scrapping speed.
  • To be able to fully use the Scrapyard, you must upgrade it according to the requirements needed for the ship that you wish to scrap.
I can't scrap the ship I want, why?
  • The ship may be already in use (assigned to a Drydock or is in Space).
  • Certain ships are not scrappable as per design.
  • The ship may require a higher Scrapyard level.
The Scrapyard will help you progress faster while providing a use for older ship parts and blueprints.