Armadas allow Alliances to attack specific PvE targets together as a group, joining forces in a single combat to earn rewards.
How to participate?
Anyone can join an Armada started by a member of their Alliance. Note that only players who joined within the countdown and are within the Armada Hostile radius will participate in the attack.
In order to summon an Armada yourself you must:
  • Prepare yourself by reaching Operations Level 23
  • Unlock and Build the Armada Control Center
  • Use Armada Directives to summon an Armada to attack an Armada Target
Armada Directives
Summoning Armadas requires Armada tokens called Armada Directives. There are several ways to obtain those tokens: Armada Directives can be earned through completing Daily Goals and Events, obtained from the Alliance Store or as part of Special Offers. Once an Armada is summoned, the rest of the Alliance members will be notified and can join it without needing to spend Armada Directives.

Grade 5 Armadas: G5 Armadas provide meaningful and exclusive rewards from Ops Level 51+ onwards.