Most of the gameplay happens on 4 map views. You can navigate between them by using the 2 circular buttons on the bottom right of your screen.

Station Interior:
This is where you find the main buildings of your station. Buildings provide many different benefits. Tap on a building to view its information, then tap on the DETAILS tab to learn what upgrading that building will do.

Station Exterior:
Similar to the station Interior, the Exterior also houses buildings that belong to your station. You can find your Drydocks, and Station Defenses here.

Explore the Galaxy to discover different Systems. Tap on the System button on the bottom right of your screen to view the System that your station is located in. Tap locate on any ship to view the System that your ship is in.

Tap on any spot in a System to send your selected ship there. Tap on objects in the System to view ways you can interact with them using your ship (for example, tap on a mining node to send your selected ship to mine it).

A map of how each System is connected. You can send your ships to other Systems from this map. Your ship will need to enter warp in order to travel between Systems. Other players cannot attack your ship when it is warping. Some Systems are not accessible until you upgrade your ship to increase its warp range.