Greetings Commanders,

Please be advised that we at Scopely have an exceedingly strict policy against cheating. Any users found to be manipulating the game unfairly through 3rd party tools and exploits will be permanently removed from the game world.

What constitutes cheating:
  • Use of 3rd party tools to manipulate the game world, ships and officers to gain an unfair advantage
  • Use of emulators or web-based software to manipulate account parameters

To our players:
Please report all suspected cheating behaviors via our CS channel so we can investigate. In certain instances, we have identified and removed cheaters from the game, and in instances we have identified bugs that are creating unexpected outcomes. While the results these bugs produce may look like cheating, they are not the fault of the player responsible, and such bugs are getting fixed ASAP.

We here at Scopely are all gamers like yourselves, and want to ensure fair play for all involved.

The STFC Team 🖖