Star Trek Fleet Command is about becoming the most powerful Commander in the Star Trek Universe. You'll have a lot of players competing against you to get there, but everyone will be following roughly the same path:

  • Build and upgrade your Station to generate resources and expand your Power
  • Construct powerful Ships to explore, battle, defend, and bring home rewards
  • Recruit and promote famous Officers to command your ships
  • Participate in Events and Daily Goals to earn prizes and further increase your power
  • Claim your free reward chests regularly to get more items
  • Join your preferred faction and earn their trust

If you’re not sure where to start, we strongly recommend that you focus on completing Missions to progress through the game. To access the Missions, tap on the yellow exclamation mark in the bottom left corner, just above the Alliance button.


You can find further details about specific topics in the rest of our FAQ section. If you still have questions or otherwise can't find the answer you need, please contact us for help."