If you’re a part of an Alliance, you can ask your Alliance members for help with anything that has a timer, such as repairing a ship, constructing a building, etc.
Tap on the purple Alliance help button to send a help request to everyone in your Alliance. This button comes in many shapes and sizes but it’ll always be purple and it’ll always show the same icon.
Each help you receive will reduce your timer. The total number of helps you can receive depends on the level of your Alliance. Contribute to level up your Alliance and increase the amount of help that everyone in your Alliance can receive. You can request help once per timer. Each Alliance member can help you once per request.
Alliance contribution is a way to help your team evolve by donating resources! Each level up will allow your Alliance to add more members and increase the Alliance Help limit!
Kind reminder, if a member leaves during a level up, their contribution for the next level will be taken out of the Alliance total. This is to encourage Commanders to stick around and support their Alliance!