How many players are required to play?
There is no minimum number of players required. Teams will be matched based on the number of players playing a qualifying game.
Do I need to reach the end of the boat race path to earn a prize?
No, the boat that gets the furthest when the race ends wins. If multiple boats reach the end the boat that got to the end first wins.

What decides which prizes a team can win?
The number of players who qualify for the race determine the prizes for that race.

How do I see which boat is winning the race?
Boats will have their position in the race displayed over the boat as well as in the Activity feed pop-up menu from the bottom left of the race map.

What determines how far the boat moves?
The number of stars your team earns determines how far a boat moves or how much progress is made towards a shield.

How do hazards work?
Clicking on a Hazard will display 4 pieces of information:
1. The percentage chance of hitting the Hazard
2. The potential impact of hitting the Hazard
3. Whether or not the corresponding Shield is ready for the Hazard 
4. How far away the Hazard is from your boat

Hazards push your boat back along the track when hit.
A shield can protect your boat from a Hazard. If it is activated it is destroyed by the Hazard and your boat continues moving forward.
How do I earn shields?
Shields are earned by selecting a DEFENSE game from the main race map screen in the bottom right corner. The next hazard in front of your boat will have the corresponding shield already selected for construction, however if you want to work on making a different hazard’s shield you can select one from the bottom left of the pregame screen. 
How do I know which shields our team has?
Clicking on your boat will bring up a menu showing your teammates contributions as well as the progress towards shields (if you have one it will say “READY”).