To request a refund for a purchase made through the Web Shop, you will need to login to The quickest and easiest way to access your purchase history is to login using “Continue with Facebook” with the same Facebook account that is attached to the TriPeaks account from which you made your purchase.
After verifying your account details with Babka, you will be able to see further details about any of your Website purchases (and request a refund) by navigating to “Purchases” on the left side of the webpage. If your purchase(s) do not automatically populate, you may need to click “Yes, Please” under where it says “Add your purchases?”.
After selecting “Yes, Please!” you will be asked to include your Transaction Number and Billing email.
You’ll find the Transaction Number in an email (sent to the email address linked to your Facebook & TriPeaks account) from Xsolla with the subject line “Your receipt No. ##########”. Example email:
Once you’ve successfully linked the specific purchase you’re looking to refund, you will then be asked if you want to link all of the Web Shop purchases associated with that email. This is optional but it is recommended as it will make accessing these transactions and receiving Support easier.
After you’ve linked a single purchase OR all of your purchases you can navigate back to the “Purchases” screen to see your purchases.
Select the purchase you’re looking to refund and click “Refund” near the bottom of the pop up. You’ll be asked to select a refund reason before you submit your request. Select whichever option is the most applicable for your situation.
At this point you’re all set! Your refund request is in Xsolla’s hands and they will follow up with you accordingly. For your convenience, you can find Xsolla’s refund policy here.