When the Seahorse Streak event is active, you’ll see a seahorse on the right center side of your game screen:

From there, you’ll be introduced to Namaka, who is Pele’s underwater counterpart Goddess, and Alon, the Seahorse King:

The higher your streak, the more seahorses you get. If you have ten or more Clubmates working together, you’ll receive BONUS seahorses added to the Club’s total!

When you launch the event, you’ll notice that there is a button in the lower center of the screen informing you of how many Plays you have. When you run out of Free Plays, you’ll need to wait until the timer finishes so that you can get more Free Plays, or you can purchase Premium Air Tanks in the Seahorse Shop. Importantly, Premium Air Tanks are not used until you are out of Free Air Tanks and Premium Air Tanks carry over from event to event, so don’t feel like you have to use them!

Pay attention to your Streak Meter at the top of the Screen! You’re used to seeing stars there, now you’ll see  seahorses. When you’re able to win the game by filling one or more slots on the Streak Meter, you’ll earn 3 times the number of seahorses!

Your club can see Seahorse Streak contributions in the Seahorse Streak Leaderboard.

The top 3 contributors in the club will earn the Sea Star honor, earning them a special place on the Sea Star podium and a Sea Star attached to their profile picture until the next event!

The Seahorse Shop is a special shop where you can purchase items specific to Seahorse Streak Events. These include Seahorse Tickets & Premium Air Tanks. Seahorse Tickets double your earned Seahorses during Seahorse Streak and Premium Air Tanks allow you to play Seahorse Streak after you’ve run out of Free Plays. Keep in mind, Seahorse Tickets and Premium Air Tanks will carry over from event to event and do not expire AND Free Plays are always consumed before Premium Air Tanks.

One important note: If you decide to switch Clubs in the middle of the Seahorse Streak event, you’ll get to keep any prizes won, but you WILL lose all of the seahorses you’ve already collected.