Each week you'll compete against a Leaderboard of up to 100 other similar Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks players in the weekly Leaderboard, where earning Red Stars to move up and win rewards each week. Players are grouped into Leagues based on their play. Beginning players will be in lower Leagues, while more advanced players will compete in higher Leagues. Higher Leagues will have bigger prizes, but everyone on the Leaderboard will earn some level of reward.

Red Stars reset each week, and contribute to your success on the individual Red Star Leaderboard (not the Club Leaderboard).

Win a Red Star each week for EACH of these achievements on any level:

  • Earn a Completion Star by winning the level.

  • Earn a Time Star by winning the level before the star timer runs out.

  • Earn a Streak Star by winning the level and filling up the streak meter to 100% during that game.

The number of Red Stars you earn by the end of each weekly Red Star Leaderboard event determines where you land within your league.