The Relay Challenge allows you to partner with a friend to complete a series of short tasks together, relay style. And then upon completion you both earn rewards. You may have up to 5 Relay Challenges active at any time.

Head over to your Friend Center and look for the "Play Together" option in the bottom middle portion of the screen:

Next, find one of your friends with whom you’d enjoy playing.  Tap the name, then hit the “Invite” button:

And now, we just wait until our friend is done. They have 24 hours to play or respond. If they don't respond, no worries – the Relay just doesn’t happen and you can simply dismiss the invite after it expires. Neither of you lose anything.

Once your friend is finished, it's your turn to complete a task.

Click 'Play' and off you go.

Once you and your friend have finished all of your tasks - you can collect your reward!

Rewards vary depending on the Relay. The more difficult a relay, the greater the rewards. Both participants will receive the same Chest, contents of which may vary.