Skylands is a new adventure for players who have completed all levels and want to continue playing new levels, earning Star Chests, catching Poi, and playing Events. Once you've completed all of the levels in all of the other Worlds, you will find Skylands just to the right of Tiki Prehistoric in the Island Selector. Your progress in Skylands is tracked and measured using a seasonal format called Skylands Seasons. Skylands Seasons run for two weeks before the next season begins. Seasons end at 12:00am PST & start at 11am PST the following day. Keep in mind, progress in Skylands resets when a new season begins & any progress made on Skylands between Seasons will not count towards any seasonal progress.

While completing levels in Skylands, players will have the opportunity to compete for big rewards on the Skylands Leaderboard (found in 'Quests and Events'). There are a variety of different goals for the Leaderboard Events, which run for the entire Skylands season! You can read more about the Skylands Leaderboard in our other articles found here: What is the Skylands Leaderboard? & How many versions of the Skylands Leaderboard are there?