It’s a new short-term event that allows players to earn some sweet prizes in a short amount of time by winning several NEW levels in-a-row. The longer your streak, the greater your prizes!

You’ll find Whack-a-Win located in the Event Center, and it will include the specific prize for the number of new levels you win in-a-row! For example, in the image below, you’ll see that if you win two new levels in-a-row, you’ll receive an Undo. If you win 5 new levels in-a-row, you’ll win a Wild. And so on, all the way up to a 9-game win streak, where you’ll take home a Volcano!

The important things to remember are:

  1. You must WIN the Levels!
  2. The Levels must be NEW!
  3. You must WIN the NEW Levels all IN-A-ROW, but you can play – and even lose – old levels in between the new levels.