Special Pieces are created by matching Jewels to form a specific pattern. Once a Special Piece is created you can use its unique ability! Special Pieces are critical to overcoming difficult Levels! See below for a full list of Special Pieces:


Matching four pieces in a row or a column to form a Crystal. Use it to clear all pieces in a horizontal or vertical line.


A Bomb is created by matching 5 same colored gems in a T shape or a L shape (in some cases 6 gems). Use it to remove surrounding pieces!


A Scarab is formed when Jewels of the same color form a square (as shown in the diagram on the left). When activated, the Scarab flies from its grid towards an objective and clears it by one layer.

Rainbow Amulet

A Rainbow Amulet is created by matching 5 same colored gems in a row or a column. When double tapped, the Rainbow Amulet all Jewels of a random color from the board. When swapped with another Jewel, it removes the color it was swapped with from the board.


The Idol is created by matching 6 same colored gems in the fashion shown on the left (either vertical or horizontal). If 7 same colored Jewels form in a cascade during in the match, they also turn into an Idol. When double tapped, the Idol selects a random color in the board and turns all Jewels of that color to its own color.