Throughout your pursuit of lost treasures make sure to keep an eye out for specific patterns that will create powerful bonuses to help you clear the board!

Check below for the list of different patterns and don't forget that if you find two bonus pieces next to each other they can be combined for amazing results!


Matching four pieces in a row or a column. The resulting bonus will clear all pieces in a straight horizontal or vertical line.


A Bomb is created by matching 5 same colored gems in a T shape or a L shape (in some cases 6 gems).


A Scarab is formed when same colored gems form a square (as shown in the diagram on the left). When activated, the Scarab flies from its grid towards an objective and clears it by one layer.

Rainbow Amulet

A Rainbow Amulet is created by matching 5 same colored gems in a row or a column. When double tapped, the Rainbow Amulet clears the highest weighted color off the board. When swapped with another gem, it clears the color it was swapped with off the board.


The Idol is created by matching 6 same colored gems in the fashion show on the left. The creation pattern can either be vertical or horizontal. If there are 7 gems in the match, they also turn into an Idol. When double tapped, the Idol selects the highest weighted color in the board and turns all gems of that color to its own color.