Once you log in with our latest update (34.0), you may notice the new Daily Rewards button!

Daily rewards new icon

At level 6, once you unlock the Daily Missions, the Daily Free Rewards will also unlock.

You will find Gold Mythic Tokens, TWD Gold Medals, along with a number of Materials and Military Supplies each day! These can be instantly claimed from the Daily Free Rewards screen that will also track your daily login!

So go ahead, login and hit that "CLAIM" button!

If you have logged in for 7 days in a row, you will not only receive those rewards but on day 7 and for every day after while your streak is maintained, your Daily Free Rewards will be multiplied at least 2x, with a chance of 3x or even 4x!

Insta-Claim Feature

At player level 24, logging in daily no longer requires a player to perform some daily mission tasks to receive the rewards! The more you level, the more missions will complete.

Once a player is level 60, they will be able to complete enough of the daily missions instantly to claim the daily mission completion reward bag and get the multiplier with the Daily Free Rewards.

This will be your Insta-Claim availability, according to your player level:

Insta-claim availability per level

Please note:
- Some of the rewards have been restructured or updated, and we’ve moved Gold Mythic Tokens from the daily mission completion reward bag to get the reward multiplier after a 7-day streak.
- Only the Daily Free Rewards can me multiplied when you reach your 7 day (and more!) in a row  - NOT the Daily Mission Rewards.

Check our YouTube Channel for more details about the update:

Blog article:


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