Last Updated: 10/21/2022

1) Veteran Rings - Please be aware that selling characters will not return their Veteran Rings; the only way to get those back to your Inventory is through the Ascendance process. Ascending 6* characters to a Silver Mythic Fighter will let you get back the Veteran Rings equipped on that character. Note that only the base character will have their Veteran Rings returned, not including those on the characters that were used as fodder.

2) Claiming Rewards - Certain rewards and items that you purchase will be delivered to your inbox. In order to use these rewards first you must claim them from the Rewards section of your inbox by tapping on the message. Once they have been claimed they are removed from the rewards section and are sent to the corresponding depository. Rewards must be usually claimed within a week from receipt or they will expire.
Some examples would be: Energy Refills and Shields are sent to your Inventory. Characters are sent directly to your Roster.

3) Using Emulators - We want to remind players that we do not officially support the use of emulators or approve their use within our games. If you are having any problems affecting game play please contact us through a supported platform and we will be happy to assist you.

4) War Tokens: Season Balance - Please keep in mind that War Season Tokens will expire along with the War Season Gray Market. The Tokens WILL NOT carry over to another season. We would encourage everyone to spend them before they expire as we might not be able to assist you with this.

5) Town Changes: No Apparent Activity - There might be visual issues every now and then where some of the Town's activities apparently go missing after we introduce or remove decors (usually after a Seasonal event). Please note that they are still working as intended, if you tap the activities (Scavenger Missions, for example) you will see the timers as normal. Please follow these steps (they work for the majority of the situations):
        1. Restart the app.
        2. From a fresh open of the app - allow the app to remain open for 15-20 minutes uninterrupted.
        3. If that does not work, exit the Town menu by opening any other menu (such as World Map).
        Allow the game to sit open uninterrupted for another 15-20 minutes.

6) PVP: Matched Opponents - You can play with your friends or other matched opponents who generally align with your overall skill level in-game. These matched opponents may be auto-generated players that look and play like real people.

7) Trying to undo a choice made in the story - We’re truly sorry to hear that. We don’t have any methods that allow players to undo the decisions they’ve made, and our support team does not have the capability of reverting your story to an earlier point. While we can’t undo story decisions, you can opt to create a new account in a different region and start the story over from the beginning. Your current progress will stay saved to your current region, while you’ll start fresh in your new region.

8) Unable to transfer to the desired Region - If you can't choose a specific Region from the Region Transfer menu, it means that the Region is currently not accepting new players. This usually happens because the Region is full. Periodically we will review Region capacities and increase them. You also can't revert your transfer once you transfer into a new Region, so plan your moves carefully, otherwise you will need to wait 60 days to move out again.

9) Challenge Run Tournaments: Token Payout - the max amount of Tokens given for the top spots of the Challenge Run Tournaments will depend on the amount of players disputing them. This means that the maximum payout for the #1 player will be 130 Tokens, but it might occur that the Tokens received are less (70, for example). Also, keep in mind that ranks 1, 2 and 3 will be disabled if a Tournament has fewer than 10 participants. We thank you for your patience with this.

10) What is the max level cap for Lieutenants? - currently, at Limit Break 3, the max cap is 720.

11) Tokens, Golden Medals and Bits from the Shop will expire? - Tokens, Golden Medals and Bits used in the Mythic Shop usually won't expire. The timer showing on the Market indicates the duration for the items currently available on the Shop, once the duration is up it will refresh and give a new set of items to be sold on the Shop, this will normally update every 90 days with 12 Gold Mythic Fighters to choose from. Please note that if the currencies are linked with a live event that has a duration, those are usually only valid until the event and the Market tab is online.


To report an issue or bug that you do not see listed here, please submit an in-app support ticket and let our team know.