The team has been working hard on some changes to how players will collect Gold Mythic Fighters along with reworking the Bit Shop, the Gold Mythic Recruits Wheel, TWD Gold Medal Collections and more. We thought it was important to share these changes as we prepare for the release of the last Limit Break and so you know what to expect as we move forward on our Road to Survival.

Premier Recruits Wheel:
We will be adding a 3rd guaranteed open to the Premier Recruits wheel as we are approaching the release of Limit Break 3 in December 2021. We will also be lowering the number of opens required to get each of the guaranteed opens. You will now receive the first copy of a Featured Premier Recruits Fighter at 80 opens, the 2nd at 160 opens and the 3rd guaranteed copy of the Featured Premier Recruits Fighter at 240 opens! Along with these changes, we will be removing 5-Star Recruits from this wheel and shifting those appearance rates to Legendary 6-Star fighters, which can be exchanged for Rare Bits!

Gold Mythic Recruits Wheel:
Gold Mythic fighters will be added to the Gold Mythic Wheel within 2 weeks after their Premier Mythic Fighters Wheel ends! Past featured Premier Recruit Gold Mythic Fighters will be added to the wheel as well. We will also be adding past featured Event Gold Mythic Fighters to this wheel as well, within 2 weeks of the event’s end. Going forward once this update is made, the Gold Mythic Recruits wheel will feature two appearance rates categories of Gold Mythic Fighters: Premier Recruits (10%) and Event Recruits. (90%) The full list of Gold Mythic Fighters to be added to the Gold Mythic Wheel are listed below. Look for these changes to take place on November 24th and go live with Gold Mythic Token Missions that will reward more Gold Mythic Tokens for using your Gold Mythic Tokens. As a free gift, we will also be sending players 20,000 Gold Mythic Tokens to make progress on those missions. Please note: The only Gold Mythic Fighters who will not enter the Gold Mythic Recruits Wheel are the War Exclusive, Challenge Run, Survival Road Depot and Mythic Trial Reward Fighters.

Bit Shop:
The Bit Shop will no longer be a source to pick up Gold Mythic Fighters. Instead, they will move to the new Mythic Market, inside the Gray Market. This is giving us an opportunity to focus on refreshing the Bit Shop with various rewards players will need on a recurring basis along with options for what to do with duplicate fighters. These rewards will include Silver Mythic Tokens, Trainers, Gold Mythic Tokens and TWD Gold Medals and will refresh every 90 days. Look for these changes to be implemented on November 27th 2021 along with a gift of 10 Gilded Bits and 30 Rare Bits to use in the new Bit Shop.

Mythic Market:
The Mythic Market will be a new section added to the Gray Market, updated every 90 days with 12 Gold Mythic Fighters to choose from, in exchange for TWD Gold Medals. This will feature both past Event characters and previous Premier Recruits characters for players to choose from. Past Event Characters will be available for 10,000 TWD Gold Medals and Premier Recruits fighters will be 20,000 TWD Gold Medals. The addition of the Mythic Market will replace the TWD Gold Medal Museum Collections. The TWD Gold Medal Museum Collections will be removed on November 30th, so if you know of a Gold Mythic Fighter in the Museum you want, make sure to pick it up before it goes away. Once the Mythic Market is in place on November 30th, we will send players a gift of 20,000 TWD Gold Medals to pick and choose from the new Mythic Market. The first run of Gold Mythic Fighters to be featured in the Mythic Market are listed below. Please note: The only Gold Mythic Fighters who will not enter the Mythic Market are the War Exclusive, Challenge Run, Survival Road Depot and Mythic Trial Reward Fighters.

Mythic Recruits Wheel:
The Mythic Recruits Wheel will now feature exclusively Silver Mythic Fighters and will no longer reward Gold Mythic Fighters starting November 30th 2021.

Prestige Recruits and Select Recruits:
Moving forward, we wanted to make sure to let players know we will not be updating the Prestige Recruits and Select Recruits Wheels and they will be removed from the game in early 2022.

Mythic BattlePass:
Finally, the Mythic BattlePass will now exclusively feature newly released Gold Mythic Recruits available only with purchase of the Mythic BattlePass and will no longer feature past Gold Mythic Fighters. These Mythic BattlePass Fighters will join the Gold Mythic Recruits Wheel within 2 weeks of the BattlePass ending as Event Recruits. Look for these changes starting with the next Mythic BattlePass.

Q: Your current TWD Gold Medals can be used for purchasing items on the upcoming Mythic Market?
A: Yes. The same Gold Medals used in the Museum will be used in the Mythic Market.

Check the full list for additional information: