We want to welcome you to our new place on the web: https://twdrts.com/
This new platform is not only an extension to our blog (with news, calendar and relevant links) but also a brand new way to view and manage more details about your account and, in the future, your Faction and maybe even your Region!
Log in using the same Facebook account that you use to access your game account and you should be ready to go. Other login methods are planned for a later stage.
If you are having issues with linking your Facebook account to the game or to the WebPortal, please try the following steps:

▪ Uninstall the Facebook app from your device. If it's a default app (no Uninstall option available), choose the "Disable" option instead.
▪ Once the Facebook app is already uninstalled or disabled, you may now link or login to the game/WebPortal using your Facebook account.
▪ You can now install or enable the Facebook app again on your device.
There are lots of surprises planned for the future and in the meanwhile we hope that you enjoy what we currently have to show you - the new level of Survival is just starting.

As always, if you have questions, queries about transactions or need anything else from us, the Customer Support Team is always here to help.