Last Updated: May 18, 2023

Many reported issues will get resolved relatively quickly, but sometimes it can take a bit longer to get to the bottom of a technical issue or bug.
We will list the Known Issues currently being investigated by our developers and they will be added and removed as we discover and resolve them.

9) Faction Assault Mission: Use of faction assault energy not getting counted

Description: The rocket Carnage mission doesn't get any progress despite using Faction Assault Energy. The team is already aware and investigating.
9) Faction Assault: Character Stats not showing the full data

Description: When checking the character stats during a Faction Assault battle, it only shows the base values
for the characters and not the buffs from external sources (like mods, Leader Skills, etc.)

Issue Update: This issue has been fixed and will be going live on 3/14.
*Note: the date mentioned above is not guaranteed and may change.
8) Progression Missions: Raid mission clarification
Description: Progression mission "Complete X Raids" or "Win X Raids" is nowadays counting only regular raids, and no faction revenge raids. Please ensure you are completing regular raids if your mission progress isn't being updated. This is not an issue, it has been designed like it.
We hear your feedback and we are looking into adding all types of Raids in future updates, so keep an eye on the blog for any communication.
7) Defense Team Fighters unavailable for Conquest and/or Challenge Run.
Description:  You may find some of your Defense team fighters unavailable/blocked to be used in Conquest and/or Challenge Run, but they should be available
- If you manually pick a Fighter that is in War Defense it may not be available.
- But when you choose "My team" then "copy to Conquest team" the team with war defense can be used in the conquest. Applicable too for Challenge Run
6) Faction Territories - Reverting to Walker Controlled State
Description: Territories are going back to being controlled by the walkers when a Faction wins it and don't immediately claim it/assign defenses.
Issue Status: We're aware of the issue and are working on it, unfortunately there is no ETA for a fix.
5) Possible 'Revive' loop issue
Description: We are investigating some unusual scenarios where some Fighters enter in a revive loop when they shouldn't. There is a high number of combinations that could be provoking the issue and the team is investigating it.
If you face this issue, please reach out to us so we can gather more cases and dig deeper in the possible issue , helping us in the resolution time. We will need visibility on your team members, skills and weapons. If you could provide that information about your opponent team it would be really helpful too.

Issue Status: We are investigating a possible issue where heal reduction is stacking when it shouldn't. We appreciate the reports and we hope to confirm the issue and come up with a solution ASAP.
4) Web Platform - confirmed issues:
4.A) White screen on iOS: Some iOS players might be greeted with an empty white screen when browsing the Platform if they're using Safari.
We highly recommend that you use a different browser while we fix this issue and trying the steps below in the meantime:
1. Open Settings on your Device and scroll down until you find Safari and Open It.
2. In the Safari Settings, Turn Off "Block Pop-Ups".
Note: You will still have to "Allow" the Pop-up to appear when prompted by your device on the Web Portal.
- Alternatively, you can try on a computer using a different browser.
4.B) Numeric zip code: Non-US players might need to add a zip code when they're going through a purchase, we can confirm that typing "11111" should solve the issue as a temporary workaround. This should help players from countries were zip codes are alphanumeric and not only numeric, like UK.
4.C) Trainers capacity: When purchasing Trainers from the Web, please ensure that your inventory is capable of receiving those trainers, otherwise there might be some issues with the claiming process due to have your inventory at max capacity.
4.D) Chrome users: Players using Google Chrome might need to clear the cache and cookies for the login to the Web Portal to work in some occasions. This might happen more often after a Region Transfer. More information here.
3) Super S-Class Roadmap
Description: Players reporting that although their teams are meeting the necessary criteria to start, the system says that they can't.

Issue Status: We believe that this is a user interface issue.  When on the team selection screen, we recommend the players to click on the "X" to close this team, which will return the player back to the team section. Now they can go ahead and select another team. There should be some decoration or colors that states if a team is valid or not. By selecting a valid team, they will then be able to enter the Roadmap.
2) Low Raid Points after a Region Transfer
Description: Usually after a Transfer, you might notice that you're being faced with weak opponents, which results in low points and scores won from Raids. This is not avoidable, unfortunately, and it might take a while for the game to adjust to your power levels and surface stronger opponents. It can also happen that there are less strong opponents in your current Region.
Issue Status: Although the Team is aware of the situation, currently there's no specific time for a fix.
1) Scopely Account: Button Unresponsive (iOS)
Description: We can confirm cases where the player taps on the "Scopely Account Sign In" button to link their Scopely Account to the game but nothing happens. This occurs mostly on iOS devices.
Issue Status: This is actually related to iOS - devices running a version lower than 13 probably won't be able to use this functionality. We recommend that players upgrade their iOS version to fix this.

To report an issue or bug that you do not see listed here, please submit an in-app support ticket and let our team know. You can do so through the chat box icon on the bottom right of your screen.