Region Waves

We are happy to announce that the Wave System of Region movement is being retired during the first week of November 2021! Starting with War Season 3 and moving forward, players and factions will be much less restricted on which Region they would like to call home. Almost all Regions will be open for players to move to, with the exception of a few newer regions to promote a better experience for those players. We are hoping this change will foster easier recruitment and social interactions in all our communities and regions.

This also means War of Champions will be made accessible to the vast majority of players, Factions and regions. War of Champions will no longer be exclusive to specific regions, with the exception of Bradley. Cross Region War Matchups will not be grouped by wave and will change from War to War to bring a diverse set of opponents and matchups throughout the War Seasons. You can find more details on this in the War Matchups section in our blog.

Finally, removing the wave system and providing a War of Champions competition also means the qualification playing field must be identical for everybody. With that in mind, the region you are in will no longer dictate the rewards and war experience you receive. This means all Rank Rewards, Milestone Rewards and the War Configurations will be identical for all regions,  including if it’s an 8v8 or 6v6 War event. The exception being the Bradley region who will have All-Out-Wars.

Region Transfers

With the end of the Wave System we will be unlocking free movement for the majority of players and will be resetting transfer cooldowns and sending players a free Transfer Key on November 2nd. Region Transfers will only be restricted by a 60 day transfer cooldown during a War Season.195 Regions will now be free to move between one another. Bradley, the region where new players start their Road to Survival,  will be open for outbound transfer only. We wanted to ensure their war experience involved matching with other players of similar age and strength within the Bradley Region. For this reason, players cannot transfer to Bradley.

Region Mergers

The Walking Dead team has identified 35 low activity regions that will begin to be phased out over time. These regions currently face a shortfall of players, which can lead to Factions being unable to compete and a very quiet Global Chat. We will be giving these players the opportunity to join newly opened regions that will provide a more active player base for better Faction recruitment and social interaction. (List of Regions being phased out below)

Players in these regions will receive this free gift for moving to one of the newly opened regions:

  • 20x Benedicts
  • 250,000x Military Supplies
  • 8x Lilith / Ulysses Choice Box
  • 5x War Energy Refills

Players in these regions can begin to join one of these newly opened regions on November 2nd and can claim this reward as a free offer in the shop upon arrival in the new regions. The 35 phased out regions will also no longer run live events after November 11th, 2021 which also means players in these regions will not be able to participate in new events until they transfer to the new regions.

Players from our 195 Legacy Regions will NOT be able to transfer to the 3 newly opened regions or the regions being phased out. (Note: The 35 phased out regions will only be able to transfer to one of the 3 newly opened regions. The newly opened regions will not be available for inbound transfer from any of the 195 Legacy Regions.)

Please note that Faction Mission Event progress will NOT transfer with you, so please time your Region Transfers carefully.

You can read the full communication, including the list of Regions being phased out here: