Faction Leaders are able to transfer their Faction (and most of the Faction's progress) to other Regions.

What Transfers when I transfer my Faction?
  • Faction Name (please be aware that this might not happen if the target region has a Faction with the same name)
  • Description
  • Emblem
  • Language
  • Privacy settings
  • Minimum Player Level for joining
  • Minimum Raid Trophies for joining
  • Main Hours: From
  • Main Hours: To
  • Faction Leagues Progress
  • Faction Assault Tickets

What does not transfer when I transfer my Faction?
  • Territories Progress - These will return to an unclaimed state on the origin region
  • Members - All faction members, excluding the faction's leader, are removed from the faction during a transfer
  • Faction Reputation points - these points are based on the members within the faction. As members are removed during a transfer, the points will be lost.
  • Faction activity log
  • Faction History (past seasons),  only the current League progress is carried over