What is Faction Onslaught?

Faction Onslaught is a PVP event where players try to knock lives off of their opponents teams. Each round of combat that is won in this event awards points and knocks off 1 life. At the end of a match the faction total points are compared to determine the winner. Match times are extended multiple times until at least one faction has knocked out all opposing lives or all available time periods have expired. If a tie occurs, where both factions have the same amount of points, the match is declared a “Draw”.

How do I take lives away from the other team?

Lives can be taken from the other team by defeating another player in combat. That being said, if you are defeated you lose lives! You will have a set amount of attempts in each phase to attempt to remove all lives from the opposing team.

Warm Up Phase
  • The Warm Up phase is a period after an opponent has been found but before the first combat period begins. A countdown timer will let you know when your combat periods will begin.

  • Periods are essentially rounds of combat where players can target other players to be attacked. Periods only end when the timer reaches zero, not for any other reason.
  • Each player will have a set amount of energy that will limit the total number of times they can attack an opposing player. Energy does not regenerate.
  • Additional energy will be obtainable during an Onslaught Event

    Regroup Phase
  • There is a phase between combat phases where free energy may be distributed.

  • Lives are used to determine who has won and lost a Faction Onslaught. The Faction with zero lives remaining at the end of a period loses.
  • Individual players with zero lives are still eligible to attack other players, however players with zero lives cannot be targeted for attack by other players.
  • When you first attack a player their team will not be visible. After an initial attack, their team composition will become visible to the entire faction.

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