When Can I Transfer Between Regions?
Transfers will now be permanently available and there will no longer be specific transfer windows.
- Transfers will have a 60 day cooldown.
- Faction transfer cooldown and Solo Transfer cooldowns are shared.
Region Transfer Keys
In order to transfer to a different region, you must obtain a region transfer key. These can primarily be obtained through the Shop.
Faction Transfer Key Bundles
Players will also be able to purchase transfer keys for their entire faction in the form of “Faction Transfer Keys".
  • Note 1: Purchasing these keys for your faction-mates does not guarantee that your faction-mate must transfer to any specified region or even transfer at all. They will be able to select any destination region they desire.
  • Note 2: Please ensure that you coordinate your destination region with your faction-mates prior to transferring, as you won’t be able to communicate with them if you are on a different region.
  • Note 3: Factions are dissolved during transfers and must be recreated on the new region. Again, make sure you are coordinating with your faction mates during this process.
What transfers with me when I move regions?
  • Player Profile: Player name, level, XP, and title will be transferred over, along with any completed Achievements and/or Missions (this does not include Daily Missions as these are generally region specific).
  • PvE and Battle Pass Progress: All completed stages, roadmaps (provided that they exist on the destination region), Survival Road progress, etc. will be transferred.
  • Reputation/Trophies: Reputation will be transferred over. However raid standing on leaderboards will not.
  • Win/Loss Record: The player’s number of wins and losses will transfer over.
  • Town progress: All buildings, upgrades (including research) for those buildings, and placement for those buildings will transfer over.
  • Market: The Market's stock limits will carry over to the new Region.
  • Roster: All characters in your roster, along with any upgrades to those characters, will be transferred over.
  • Weapons: All weapons in your inventory and any upgrades to those weapons will be transferred over.
  • Mods: All mods in your inventory will be transferred.
  • Configurations: All saved team configurations and mods. will be transferred.
  • Inventory: All items, resources (Rations, Materials, and Survivors), and unopened bags.
  • Unclaimed Reward Message: Rewards that have not been claimed will transfer from region to region.
  • Collection item balances: Any not redeemed collection items will transfer from region to region
  • Completed Collections: All completed collections will transfer from region to region
  • Mission Progress: Mission progress will transfer from region to region. However, with the Mission System Update, the order in which missions appear may vary from region to region. Individual missions completed on one region will transfer to the new region.
  • 30-day pass holder status
  • Roster Capacity Increases: Any roster capacity increases that you have purchased will carry over.
  • Ceasefires: Any ceasefires purchased will be transferred (along with the time remaining).
  • Chat Ban State: If you have received a temporary chat ban, this state will transfer from region to region.
  • Daily Mission Progress: Daily mission progress, for that day only, will transfer between regions.
What will not transfer with me when I move regions?
  • Live Event Progression: Any progress you have made toward any tournament or live event will not be carried over.
    • Note: Leaderboards are the one exception - leaderboard event progress will transfer 72 hours after a region transfer has occurred
  • Inbox Messages: Text Inbox Messages will not transfer
    • Note: This does not include unclaimed reward messages. The messages you sent to other players will stay in their inboxes too, but they will not be able to reply back anymore (only possible for same-region conversations)
  • Faction Membership: You will no longer be in any faction after transferring between regions.
  • Assault Tickets: Assault tickets will be lost for Solo Transfers.
  • Region-Specific Progress:
    • If you transfer during a region event, your progress doesn’t carry over.
    • Live Events progression (Tournaments, Collections)
    • Stash / gacha progress
  • Raid Log: The player’s raid log will not be transferred over (as the players who previously attacked you will no longer be on the same region).
  • Player messages: Any messages exchanged between players will not be transferred over.
  • Supply Depot Inventory: Although your supply/gear/assault marker currencies will certainly be transferred over, the contents of each respective depot will not necessarily remain the same. The stores will stay the same for one day, but afterwards will sync up with the regions normal store.
  • Scavenger Mission Progress: Scavenger mission progress does not transfer between regions. Any in-progress missions will be cancelled and no rewards will be distributed.
Transfer Restrictions
Players who are in factions are not able to transfer during any faction events that lock players into their factions (War, Faction Level Up Tournaments, etc). Transfers are not possible during an ongoing Faction Event.
What happens if I transfer one of my active regions over to another active region?
In the event that you transfer one of your active regions over another, the region data from the destination region will be overwritten with the data from the departing region. Said differently, if you transfer out of a region to another region that has other characters on it, the characters and progress in the region you are transferring to will be lost
Example: Region A is transferring onto Region B. Region B’s data will be overwritten and all characters/progress originally on Region B will be lost.
How often will I be able to transfer regions?
After a transfer has been performed, a cooldown will be applied to the individual region that you transferred into. Any regions that have not been transferred to will not have a cooldown applied to it.
Example: Region A transfers to Region B. Region B will now have a cooldown applied until it can transfer again. However, Region C will still be available for transfer.
Will I be able to transfer to a newly created region?
It would be a negative experience for newer players to have factions with more powerful teams transfer onto their region and ultimately overpower them. Due to this, newly created regions will not be available for inbound transfer for some time. However, newer players will eventually be able to transfer off of these newer regions if they desire.
Please find some visual examples below, to better prepare and organize your transfers:
Please be sure that the game is not forced or accidentally closed during this process, as it might interfere with the data transfer and affect your account, meaning that the CS Team will have to manually attempt to recover your progress and revert the transfer.  Thank you for understanding.