How do I purchase/extend my 30 Day Pass?

30 Day Passes are sold in the Shop under the either the Featured or Coins tab. You may also renew your pass in the same manner.

How do I collect my rewards?

Simply log into your game everyday to receive rewards, and on the 30th day you will receive an extra special reward!

Once you've signed into the game and your Daily Missions have renewed, your rewards will be added to your account. You will see a pop up message verifying you have received your rewards.

Coins that are awarded can be shared across all regions, but please be aware that any characters or items that you receive will be region specific, so make sure to collect any special rewards in the region you'd like to use them in.

Your 30 Day Pass reward will be delivered to you on your 30th day login after purchasing the Pass.

Please remember that while you will be able to renew your pass a few days early, it will not effect the number of log ins that remain on your original pass.

What happens if I don't log in?

The days you log in do not have to be consecutive, you will receive 30 days worth of coins as long as you have logged in on 30 separate days

Are there any restrictions?

30 Day Passes cannot be purchased with coins.
Only one 30 Day Pass may be purchased on each account, although you may choose which region you collect your rewards from.

If your purchase a 30 Day Pass before your current pass expires, it will extend the duration of your current pass by 30 days. You will NOT receive twice the amount of daily coins, though you will still receive an additional bonus reward 30 days after renewing your pass.