Dice Swap Tournament Mode

Welcome to Dice Swap Tournament Mode!
In this game mode, you match pieces to roll your dice. You need to match 3 or more pieces of the same color next to a die in order to roll it. Swipe to move the pieces and match them together.

Each Dice Swap game has 2 to 4 rounds, and you have a set number of moves to win each of them. You can play on one category each round.
The Score Multiplier will help your score each round! You can boost it by clearing pieces, so remember to use all your moves before playing a category.


You will be playing against one of Dice Swap's Mole opponents. Score more points than them to win!

Which are the game elements, and what do they do?

Rocket: Match four pieces to create a rocket. Use it to clear a whole row or column!
Bomb: Match five pieces forming any "L" shape to create a bomb. Use it to clear nearby pieces!
Disco Ball: Match five pieces in a line to create a disco ball. Use it to clear all pieces of the most abundant color!
Flip Dice: A flip dice will change its value by +1 or -1 after rolling
Color Dice: A color dice can only be rolled by matching next to it with pieces that are its color
Waterfall Dice: A waterfall dice don't hold still! It will fall like a regular piece!