What are custom dice?
Custom dice are new colors and styles for the dice that you see while you play the game. Your opponents will see the custom dice you're using at the top of their screen once you take your turn.
Where do I find the custom dice page?
There are two places you can see your custom dice:
  1. Navigate to Collection at the top right of your home screen. In collection, you will see your custom dice
  2. Navigate to your profile from the top left of your home screen. Click on “Your Items,” and you will be directed to your Collection
How do I choose a new dice?
Any custom dice that you own will be found in your collection, which you can navigate to by clicking on the Dice icon at the top right of your home screen. The current Dice that you're using will have a banner over it saying “equipped”.  You can switch to using any other dice in your Collection by clicking on the dice and selecting “Equip”.
How do I unlock new dice?
You can earn new custom dice from the Prize Claw Machine. Just so you know, the Prize Claw can draw duplicates of the same dice.
You can also get new dice by completing albums