How do I join a Family?

To first join a family, you can either create one or search for a new one. If you are not already in a Family, you can tap the Yellow Discover" button in the middle of the Family's home screen. From here, you can either search for a specific family or accept a suggested one. You can also simply choose our suggested family by selecting the Green to join now button.

How do I leave a Family?

You can leave a family by tapping the Families button on the main menu, then tapping Info. Once you have done so you will see a red button at the bottom. Tapping this will leave your current Family.

How do I create a Family?

If you are not already in a Family, you can tap the Blue "Create" button at the bottom of the Families home screen. Here you can set the Family Name, Family Description, type, and Emblem. If you create a family you will automatically become its Leader!

Creating a Family will have a Bonus Roll cost.

How many co-leaders can a Family have?

There can be up to 3 family co-leaders.