How does the game work?

First, you'll place the bowling ball on one of the circles and aim it with the yellow arrows. This sets up your throw.

Then, you play dice! Submitting in the categories improves the aim and strength of your throw. (Hint: Try to reach the white line on your color bar!)

After submitting a score in all categories required, the ball will be thrown!

How do I aim?

Place the ball in one of the three circles, and tap or drag the yellow arrows in either direction to adjust your aim. You can also change the position by swiping on the large arrow.

Does my aim really matter?

Absolutely! In fact, you best chance to get a good throw (no matter how well you score in your categories) is if you place and aim the ball strategically!

How do my category scores affect my throw?

The more points you score in your categories, the better your throw will be.

A color bar will fill up as you score. It starts with red, and as you score points, it shifts to orange, yellow, and finally green. The color indicates how good your throw will be.

Depending on which color you reach, the result will be different:

  • Red has a high chance of being a gutterball
  • Orange gives more accuracy
  • Yellow will follow your aiming, but the throw  won't be at maximum strength
  • Green is the best possible shot! The ball will follow your aiming and has a great chance of knocking down multiple pins