Is my score included in the Daily Chest goals?

No, the score will only matter to improve the quality of your throw.

What happens when I get all the rewards from the Alley?

You'll get each level's rewards by completing it. At the end of the Alley, you can try for the Grand Prize!

Once you get all the rewards, including the Grand Prize, you won't be able to play Treasure Alley until the Alley restarts or a new event starts.

What does it mean when the Alley progression restarts?

After the timer ends, you will go back to Level 1 in the progression and will have to complete the initial levels to obtain the best rewards. So, do your best to reach the Grand Prize before the timer ends!

When will the Alley restart?

You can see the duration of each Treasure Alley event in the upper left of the screen that shows its levels, as well as in Treasure Hunt.

If you want to know when your progression in the Alley will restart, look below the "PLAY" button on the screen that shows its levels. The Alley restarts when the timer counts down to zero!