What are Survivor Seasons?

Survivor Seasons are a series of Survivor events in which you can earn Stars to promote to new levels!
In Each game, you will be able to win stars by doing the following:
  • Start a Survivor Game.
  • Pass a Round.
  • Achieve the top score in a Round.
  • Win a Jackpot.
Every day the  Survivor Seasons event is live, you will earn progress on the Season.
Leveling up your survivor season Level will lead to better rewards.

How many stars do I need to level up?

Each level has different requirements; you can check this on the bar that is on top of the screen. You earn a different amount of stars depending on the complexity of the level.

Why did my Jackpot level go down?

Each season you will have to build up your Jackpot from the bottom.

Why do I care about leveling up?

With each new level you reach, the Jackpot Rewards will improve. Win first place after reaching new levels to get these pumped-up prizes!

What do I get at the end of the season?

Win a Custom Pawn by reaching the highest level each season! This custom Pawn will be available immediately when you win it, and you'll be able to use it through the next Season.

Please note: Some Survivor events may not be Survivor Seasons events.