Dice World - Puzzle Elements!

Dice World stages have new challenges!

Flying Multipliers
Every round, this multiplier will move around the board a category at a time. Score in the category it's hovering over to get that multiplier!
Looping Categories
Looping Categories will have a green up arrow on them and will change every turn into a different category
Ice Blocks
Ice Blocks block the player from scoring in a category until it’s cleared. To clear an ice block, submit a score above 0 in any category above or below the block
Multiplier Bubbles
Scoring in a category with a Multiplier Bubble will send three(3) multipliers randomly to any categories that haven’t been scored in by that player or Dice Master.
Looping Multiplier
Every round, this multiplier will change in value. It will loop up to the maximum multiplier amount, then back down to the minimum.
Double Category:
Scoring in a Double Category gives you a chance to score again. BOTH scores will count toward your total score.

Score in the Double Category!

Complete the category again!

Both scores are added to your total score!
Hot Potato:
Score more than 0 before the bomb explodes to send it to your opponent.

The Hot potato is activated in a random Category When both players have a score above 0.

The Hot potato will explode if you score a 0 on it or if you don't score on it for three(3) turns!

The Hot Potato is activated in a random category when both players have a score above 0.

Score above 0 where the Hot Potato has landed to send it to your opponent!
Switch it on:
Score more than 0 to switch on the lightbulb with the same shape.

Score over 0 when the switch is activated before the lightbulb turns off again.

There are lightbulbs and switches on the game board!

You can't score in turned off categories!

Switch on the lightbulb to light up the category with the same shape!

Watch out! If you don't score soon, the lights will turn off after three(3) turns!