Hello! We have adjusted the way we provide support. 

Due to feedback, we have simplified our structure for you to report issues. 

  • Issue type categories remain unchanged, but we have added some verification and a few steps more so when you have an issue your case is ready for the fastest handling possible.

Issue Type Categories

Gameplay questions: This category will help you answer questions using our FAQ system.
If we can't answer these questions, we will collect them as feedback to improve the gameplay information available. 
Report Technical issues: This category will prompt you to review our Known Issues FAQ.
This will save you the trouble of waiting for a response if the issue has been acknowledged and is actively worked on by our developers.
For unlisted issues, our team may ask you to go through some extra steps to avoid the back and forth that can take days so issues are identified faster and categorized better. 
Purchase Issues or Refund requests: For any issues being able to purchase, not receiving items from purchase, or requesting a refund. Please note that you may only be eligible for a refund if the resources purchased are still on your account.
Missing Rewards or Items: This is the best category if you did not receive your rewards as intended or if they are delayed. If there was a technical issue that prevented you from getting this please refer to technical issues
Account Help: This category is to help you recover access to your account.
Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
This category is for dealing with topics related to our terms of service or privacy policy, including:
  • Report Harassment.
  • Report Cheating.
  • Banned/suspended accounts from the game (does not include High Rollers)
  • Report self-harm threats.
  • Data Privacy information.
Feedback/Something Else: Please navigate patiently until you find the category of what you want to provide feedback about. We are constantly reviewing this data and it helps us improve the game greatly. 

Additional Information & Tips

  • The optimal way to reach out to us is through the in-game help option.
  • In case you reach out through our web chat hosted on a webpage, we will request you to submit your in-game player number as shown in the game to get the necessary information to initiate our investigation.
  • The information we ask for through BOT will help us reduce your waiting time later.
  • In periods of high ticket volume, your patience is surely appreciated while we triage the issues. Multiple requests won't speed up the process.
  • Some ticket categories won't be handled directly by a representative but managed in the background.
    • In such cases, we gather as much information as possible before closing the conversation. Once this is done, the team reviews all tickets, and we proceed with action if necessary.