• The first set of options you see when you open up a conversation is a shortlist of the most selected reasons our support team is contacted based on historical data. These categories are meant to speed up the support flow and help us get the information we need, and help you out as fast as possible.
  • The next step is a set of questions to collect information and route your case to the right support team:
    • Optional: Email (in case we need to reopen a ticket and reach out to you)
    • Required: In the event that you select "Other" or "Something else" in the first menu, you will also see a third required question, having you choose from one of the following issue type categories on how we can best help you.
      Issue Type Categories.

Issue Type Categories

Gameplay questions:This category will help you answer questions using our FAQ system. If we can't answer these questions, we will collect it as feedback in order to improve the gameplay information available.
Report Technical issues:This category will prompt you to look at our Known Issues FAQ. This will save you the trouble of waiting for a response if the issue has been acknowledged and is actively worked on by our developers.
For unlisted issues, our team may ask you for more information from your account to help identify the root cause of the issue. Our team is not able to provide an exact timeline to a fix but we will update the Known issue FAQ as soon as we have an update on the issue.
Purchase Issues or Refund requests:For any issues being able to purchase, not receiving items from purchase, or for requesting a refund. Please note, that you may only be eligible for a refund if the resources purchased are still on your account.
Missing Rewards or Items:Regardless of the source (events, daily goals, wheels, chest, etc), this is the best option to use for any missing item or reward in the game outside purchases.
Account Help:This category is to help you recover access to your account.
Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
This category is for dealing with topics related to our terms of service or privacy policy, including:
  • Report Harassment.
  • Report Cheating.
  • Banned/suspended accounts from the game (does not include High Rollers)
  • Report self-harm threats.
  • Data Privacy information.
Feedback/Something Else
Two options to choose from: "I want to submit feedback" or "I need help with something else"
Then I want to submit feedback in our suggestion box. Please be specific we take the information here very seriously and we look into this data thoroughly. We are always welcome to hear more from it, profanities and other types of messages do not help us direct the game in the correct direction.
Then I need help with something else that will redirect you back to the general categories listed above.

Aditional Information & Tips

  • The optimal way to reach out to us is through the in-game help option.
  • In case you reach out through our web chat hosted on a webpage, we will request you to submit your in-game player name as shown in the game to get the necessary information to initiate our investigation.
  • The information we request through BOT will help us minimize your waiting time later on.
  • In periods of high ticket volume, your patience is surely appreciated while we triage the issues, multiple requests won't speed up the process.
  • Some ticket categories won't be handled directly by a representative but managed on the background.
    • In such cases, we make sure to gather as much information as possible before closing the conversation. Once this is done the team reviews all tickets and we proceed with action if necessary.

Seasonal events, Recurring Events, Classic games or Features which should I pick?!

Seasonal events: are fixed game modes that rotate from season to season, they normally are linked to a theme they are the following:
  • Adventure
  • Album & Collections
  • Dice World
  • Survivor and Survivor Seasons
  • Tournaments
Recurring events: are fixed game modes that rotate and can happen more than once during the season.
  • Dice derby
  • Kingdoms
  • Paint N' Roll
  • Prize Climb
  • Prize Climb Bowling
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Victory Rush
Classic Games: are what we define as the core experience of our games, normally they are not tied to a season but might be recurring.
  • Buddy Matches
  • High Rollers
  • Family Feast
  • Family Games
Features: these are maybe some parts of our games that are related to multiple games or are a special ways to claim rewards.
  • Crystal Ball
  • Daily Chest
  • Gift Grab
  • Minigames
  • Scratchers
  • Prize Claw