How do I collect ingredients?

If you submit scores greater than 0 for all categories in a column, you'll earn the ingredient at the bottom of that column.

How Do I Restore a Zero Score?

If you place a 0 (zero) score in a category in Family Feast, you will be unable to claim the ingredient in that category's column and an X will be placed in that space.

To restore that category for another attempt, you can press the green "Restore" button at the bottom of the column which will have a Bonus Roll cost. Please note that the cost of a Restore may increase depending on the number of categories that have Xs in them.
How many points does my family get for each ingredient collected?

This can change between Feast events!

Check at the end of a game to see the point value of a specific ingredient.


What do I get if I am the member of my family who completes a dish?

The Family feast is all about your family's progress, not individuals! Whoever completes a particular dish is helping their family achieve success!