What is Treasure Hunt?

Treasure Hunt is a new event where you can pair up with up to five other Explorer Buddies.
Travel around the Expedition Map collecting Artifacts.
Find the Treasure Chests to collect Shards
Collect Shards to complete Artifacts
Completed Artifacts turn into Jewels!
Your goal is to contribute as many jewels to each of the vaults you share with your Explorer Buddies.
When you do, you will win Grand Prizes!

How to play Treasure Hunt?


Once Treasure Hunt begins, you will see yourself on the Expedition Map of Egypt! Piece together all the required Artifacts at your current location before moving on. To do so, you need to dig up Treasure Chests! Press the big Play button at the bottom of the Expedition Map to start!

In Treasure Hunt, your goal is to dig up all the treasure chests hidden under the sand! You have a limited number of turns to do so!
How do I dig?
Roll the dice to match one of the categories on the play space above. Submit that roll by hitting “play,” and you will automatically dig up that space! See if there is a treasure chest underneath!

What are Moves?
Every time you hit the “Play” button (or every time you dig for a treasure chest), a Move is deducted from your counter. Different treasure maps have different move requirements.

Treasure Chest types
There are four kinds of Treasure Chests. They vary in size and in the rewards inside. They will all help you on your way to filling your vault with your Explorer Buddies.

1X1 Treasure Chest
1X2 Treasure Chest
1X3 Treasure Chest
2X2 Treasure Chest
How do I know how many chests I need to dig up?
There is a key at the top of each Treasure Map that shows you what kind and how many treasure chests of each type are hidden under the sand. Treasure Chests are ordered Left to Right from smallest to largest. As you dig up those treasure chests, the counter within that key will count down. You will get a check mark when all of a certain kind of chest is found.

What’s inside a Treasure Chest?
Within each Treasure Chest is a varying number of Artifact Shards. The bigger the treasure chest the more Artifact Shards are inside. Sometimes you can find other goodies inside the Treasure Chests!

What are artifact shards & artifacts

What are Artifact Shards?
Artifact Shards are pieces of an artifact you are putting together! When you have enough pieces you can complete the artifact!

What are Artifacts?
When looking at the Expedition Map on the main page, you can see how many artifacts you need to piece together at your current location. When you have completed an artifact, it turns into Jewels!

How to Earn Jewels
Jewels can be earned by piecing together/completing artifacts.

Jewels can also be earned by scoring well on a Treasure Hunt. The higher you score the more Jewels you earn. Additionally, you can earn Jewels by having Moves left over after finding all the Treasure Chests.

What are shared vaults?
Every time you earn Jewels, you will be asked to share them with one of your Explorer Buddies.
You and each of your Explorer Buddies share a vault just for you two. So, if you have 5 buddies, you have 5 separate Shared vaults.
Both you and your Explorer Buddy share that vault so when they contribute Jewels, you both make progress. When you contribute Jewels, you both make progress! When they level up, you level up!

What are vault levels?
As you fill a vault with Jewels, you will see it upgrade to a new, higher level. Each time that happens, you will immediately get a set of rewards. Your goal is to level up all the vaults to maximum capacity to get the grand prize!

What are Grand Prizes?
For each Shared Vault you fill to maximum capacity, you will win a Grand Prize! You can find the Grand Prizes listed when you share with an Explorer Buddy and can tap the “i” for more information! These special prizes are awarded at the end of the event!

What if I reached the Maximum Capacity for my Vaults?
If you still have room for more Explorer Buddies, invite them and start a new shared vault! Remember, to get all 5 Grand Prizes, you need 5 Explorer Buddies!

You can also keep contributing to a vault at maximum capacity for a repeat prize.

When is the event over?
There is a timer at the top of the Expedition Map. This will tell you how much time is left!

How do I find Explorer Buddies?

A few days before Treasure Hunt begins, you can start to find Explorer Buddies!
Tap on the Treasure Hunt button, then tap on the Plus!
There you will find a list of your favorites, Facebook friends (if connected), previous Treasure Hunt Explorer Buddies and other recommended people who would be a good fit for you!
How do I invite Explorer Buddies?
Once you find someone in your list, simply tap on the “Invite button”. They will be notified. Once they accept, you are ready to play!
Find Explorer Buddies Quickly!
Just want to get in the game? Tap the “Match Me” button. We will find others out there looking for Explorer Buddies!
How do I see my Invites?
If someone has sent you an invite, you will see a notification on the Invites Button in the Treasure Hunt Lobby. Tap on it to see the invite. Accept to become Explorer Buddies or Decline immediately.

Do I need 5 Explorer Buddies to Play?
You only need 1 Explorer Buddy to begin playing, but to win all five (5) grand prizes, you need five (5).

Can I add more Explorer Buddies once Treasure Hunt starts?
Yes! You can continue to add Explorer Buddies throughout the duration of the event as long as you have space! You can have up to 5. You keep the same Explorer Buddies throughout the event but can play with new ones next Treasure Hunt.

Where are my Treasure Hunt Rewards?

Thank you for the enthusiasm you've shown for Treasure Hunt!
We are receiving a lot of feedback, and we are working to make the next hunt better!
It seems that there is some confusion about how Grand Prizes Work, but we are here to help.
You have the option to win up to 5 Grand prizes.
You earn ONE Grand prize per vault that has reached level 5. So collaborate with your Explorer buddies to dig the treasure.
For example here we only won 1 grand prize.