What is Paint N' Roll?
  • Paint N' Roll is a new time-limited event where you can paint art in a Gallery while playing Yahtzee!
  • The way you play is by Collecting Paint Drops from special dice when submitting your categories. These dice have Paint Drops above them.Paint N' Roll, coloring, paint drops
  • When you have enough Paint Drops to Fill the Paint Can, you can use Paint Can paint an area of your current masterpiece!

  • Complete all the art in the Gallery to win the grand prize - your own custom-built dice!
    How do I Build my own Dice?
    The custom-built dice is the grand prize of the Paint N' Roll event! You will be able to choose from different backgrounds, numbers and details. Once you confirm your choices, you can equip it and use it in any game mode! To win it, you must complete painting all the art in each Exhibit!

    Additionally, you can color an entire Gallery up to 3 times! This means that each time you do so, you will also be able to build another dice. That means you can win up to 3 custom-built dice!

    What is an Exhibit?Each event is a new Gallery. Each Gallery has three Exhibits, and each Exhibit contains a different number of paintings. If you finish all the paintings in an Exhibit, you will unlock a custom dice part!
    Remember, when all Exhibits are complete, you can finalize and keep your custom dice!

    How do I play?

    • First, make sure you have enough Inspiration

      Then, press the “Fill Paint Can” Button. This will take you into the Paint N' Roll gameplay.

    • Your goal is to fill the Paint Can Meter up at the top, by using special dice with Paint Drops above them.

      When you fill the Paint Can, you’ll have enough paint to start your masterpiece!


    How do I collect drops?

    • When you score in the categories on the play space, try to use dice with the Paint Drops above them. The number next to the droplets you know how many you will collect by doing so.

    • If you can’t use the dice, roll again. The Paint Drops will stay where they are, but the dice will refresh.

    • After you score in a category with the special dice, the Paint Drops will fly up and help fill the Paint Can meter.


    How do 3x and 4x work with the Paint Drops?

    • If you successfully claim a 3x or a 4x category, all the Paint Drops in the Dice Dock are collected. Just like traditional gameplay, when you get a 3x or a 4x, all the points on the board count too.


    What is the Bonus Category?

    • There is a chance each turn that a Bonus Category will appear on a category. If you score in that category on that turn, you will get the number of Paint Drops indicated above the category! Try to score on it if you can, because it might not be there the next turn!

    What is the Paint Roller?

    • Your points still matter in Paint N' Roll! When you get the number of points shown underneath the Paint Roller, it is ready to be used! It will add +1 paint drop to the dice! Tap the Paint Roller to activate it. Be strategic about when you use it!



      What if I make a mistake?

      • If you claim a category but don’t have the right dice combination, you will see an X in its place. Not to worry, you can reset that category by tapping on the tile when it says “Reset!” Once you do that, you can try for that category again!


      What are those Stars?

      • Additional Paint Drops from overfilling the Paint Can, and any remaining categories on the board turn into Stars! They go into the Star Chest.


      What is the Star Chest?

      • When you collect the number of Stars shown on the Star Chest, it will automatically open and you get the rewards inside!




      How do I paint the art?

      • Once you’ve successfully filled a Paint Can through gameplay, you’ll be taken to the Painting Studio. You can tap on the Numbers to change which area you want to paint and/or tap on the color swatches to pick the color you want to paint with! Tap “Apply Paint” when you’re happy with your creative vision.  

      Can I change the selected paint area?

      • Yes. Before applying a color, you can navigate using the numbers below your picture to preview the different areas and their available colors to make your best informed decision.


      Can I change the applied color?

      • Once you paint an area, it cannot be changed, however, if you complete all the art  in the Gallery, you can paint the art again, up to two more times!


      I got my Custom-built Dice, but now all my paintings are reset. Why?

      • Once you’ve claimed your first custom-built dice, your art will reset to black and white for you to paint again AND start building a second dice. You can see how you painted the first time by tapping on the play-through indicator above the painting! You can enjoy seeing your creative choices up until the Paint N' Roll Gallery closes.


      What happens when I complete a painting?

      • After completing a painting, you will get the painting rewards listed underneath it in the gallery. If the painting is the last one in an Exhibit, you will get those rewards plus unlock new custom Dice Parts.


      Can I share my painting?

      • Yes, you can share your newly created masterpiece! After you finish a painting, scroll to it in the Gallery and you will see the big green button at the bottom that says “VIEW”

      • Tap on the “VIEW” button, and you will see the option to Share! It looks mahhhhvelous dahling! *chef’s kiss*

      Can I pick which art I paint next?

      • Art is painted from the leftmost painting to the right.


      I completed all the Exhibits. How do I get my Custom Built Dice?

      • After you complete your last Exhibit aka all the paintings in the gallery, you will be taken to the Build your Dice Workshop. You can also get to the workshop by scrolling to the far right of the Gallery. Once there, pick your favorite options and tap “Build” to confirm those choices. To play with the dice right away, choose” Equip.”



      I didn’t Equip my Custom Built Dice after I won them. Where can I find them?

      • After you officially Build your claimed custom dice, they can be found in your dice Inventory.


        What is Inspiration?

        Just like in real life, you need Inspiration to be creative! Each attempt at collecting Paint Drops removes one Inspiration. Inspiration refreshes over time. 

        How do I get more Inspiration?

        Inspiration refreshes over time, can be bought, or can be earned by watching specific ads.  

        Inspiration Refreshing over Time

        To see when you will get more Inspiration, take a look at the timer at the top of your Gallery screen. If it says “Max,” your Inspiration will not continue to refill.


        How to Buy Inspiration

        If you’re looking for more Inspiration, you can purchase more in certain bundles in the store. Buying Inspiration might not always be available.


        Watching Ads for Inspiration

        Be on the lookout for the opportunity to watch Ads in exchange for Inspiration. These will appear either on the Painting screen or at the end of a round where a Paint Can be not collected. Watching Ads for Inspiration might not always be available.