What is the Kingdom?

A kingdom is a new event where you will enter a magical world and play the game like NEVER BEFORE.

The Kingdom has been engulfed by a purple fog, created by the Wizard of Gloom.

You must use your excellent Yahtzee skills to remove the spells from the monsters and save them, acquiring Magic Crystals to rid the land of darkness and heal the Kingdom.

How to play Kingom?

What is my goal in the Kingdom?

Explore the magical land around you.
Build crystal mines.
Fight monsters and rival castles to earn crystals.

Once you have enough crystals, you can clear the monster caves one by one.

You will be able to win exclusive rewards once you clear all the caves and the Kingdom is saved! Your main goal is to save the kingdom by clearing ALL the monster caves of ALL levels!

What are energy, shield, and crystals?

Each action in the Kingdom takes Energy.
You can use your energy for several things:
To explore by tapping on the purple fog around you. Look carefully, and don’t forget to pick up any surprise rewards on the map!
Add action here
Add action here
There is a maximum of how much energy you can hold at a time, so make sure you check in often if you can.

Shields can protect you from monsters and rival kingdoms’ attacks between rounds.

The Magical Crystals are what you use to clear the monster caves. You gain these crystals mainly by mining crystal mountains, challenging rival castles, and saving the monsters trapped by the Dark Wizard.
What is the maximum energy and shield I can hold?
There is a maximum of how much energy you can hold at a time. Still, if you find surprise energy on the map or purchase more from the kingdom store, this energy can go over the cap, but the energy you gained from each round update will not be added if you are at energy maximum. The same applies to Shield.

Can my crystal, energy, shield or boosters carry over from level to level?
Crystal, shield and booster carry over but you will always start at maximum energy when a new level starts.

Once I apply a crystal booster, how long does it last?
The booster lasts the entire duration during multiple challenges; it will last until you are successful!

When can I get more energy, and what is a round?

As you can see on the top of the map, there is a round countdown timer; after each round timer expires, I get more energy, and harvest the crystals produced by my mine. Be careful! It is also the time when monsters move!

Can I know what happens when I am away from my kingdom?
When a new round begins, you will see the replay of what happened in the last round!

What are Monsters and where do they come from?

Monsters were cast under a spell by Mt. Gloom and need you to save them! You can free them from the Gloom by rolling the Dice and depleting their health.
There are different types of monsters with different health levels, such as wisps, trolls, and dragons. Monsters try to destroy your mines when you are away. The arrow points to which target the monster aims at, and the timer is how much time it takes the monster to get to the target. They come from the monster cave; once you close the cave, they will no longer appear. So act quickly before it gets to your crystal mountain and stops the production!

Why is a monster a threat to me? They can destroy your mine.

What are crystal boosters?
Boost your crystals to clear caves faster

What are crystal mines?
Mines are helpful as they generate crystals for you over time. The number of hammers means the number of categories you must hit to create the mine. Unlike other Yahtzee modes, the score does not matter; all that matters is to get the category. Why do you build the crystal mines? To earn crystals as you need them to clear monster caves.

What are rival kingdoms?
Your buddies can appear on your map and they are trying to steal your crystals! Do not worry though - the shield in the top right corner of your mines can protect you from any attacks. You can challenge other players’ mines to earn crystals from them!

What is a monster cave?
Once you reach the crystal threshold, congrats, you can now close a monster cave, and monsters will no longer be coming out from that cave!

What are Grand Prizes?
After you finish each level, there will be awesome level completion rewards claimable immediately; once you finish all levels, you will join other elite players and fight Mt. Gloom in the end games; you will be able to unlock the global leaderboard and earn more exclusive rewards up to 555 Bonus Rolls and an exclusive monarch crown. The leaderboard rewards will be available after each Kingdom event ends.

What is the leaderboard, and how do I get there?
You need to finish all the levels and save the kingdom, and the leaderboard will automatically unlock for you.

When and where do I get my leaderboard rewards?
Sent to your reward inbox after the event ends.

When is the event over?
There is a timer on the event lobby Kingdom card. This will tell you how much time is left! So that you know, the map round-timer is NOT WHEN THE KINGDOM EVENT ENDS.