What are tournaments?

A tournament

Where can I play the Tournaments?

Tournaments can be found in the Events section of the app. The first entry into a tournament is free and re-entries will cost either 2 bonus rolls or a Tournament Ticket.
(Note: Tournament Tickets are not usable for Championship Games)

How do I win?

Tournaments will be won by either beating your opponent's score or beating the Prize Score (Example below)
How do Leagues Work, and What Can I Win??
  • Winning rounds of any of these new game types will win you more points to move you up the Tournament Leaderboard and win you Trophies!
  • Filling out the Trophy Meter in your league can unlock that league's Custom Scoreboard and other Promotion Rewards and unlock the next League!
  • As you climb the leagues, the Promotion Rewards get better and better! (Jackpot Drop machines, Prize Claw Tokens, Bonus Rolls, etc.)


    Tournaments: New Season, New Rewards!

    We would like to answer some common questions.

    How do the VIP Passes work?
    Depending on what league you reached in the previous season, you will have earned a VIP
    Pass that determines the rewards you can earn in the current season.
    The VIP passes are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.
    For VIP passes to activate, you MUST claim them at the begin of the season from your rewards.
    What happens when a new season starts?
    With each new season, you will get updated rewards depending on how far you made it in the previous season (determined by whether you earned a VIP Pass or not).
    You start at the first league and compete with others each week to work your way up the leagues and earn better Jackpot Drop rewards machines for this season and better overall rewards for next season.
    What happens when I promote leagues?
    With each league promotion, you will see improvements in your Jackpot Drop Ball and Jackpot Drop rewards. The higher the leagues you reach, the better the overall rewards are. You will also earn a promotion reward, and finally, you will also be competing to earn VIP passes for the next season!

    How Does League Promotion Work?

    To promote to the next available league, all you need to do is fill the trophy meter by the end of that league period!
    If a new league is unavailable, you will remain in the current league for the following period.
    Just to let you know: Filling out your league meter does not entitle you to promote to the next league if it is not immediately available.

    What are Trophies?

    Trophies are a collectible item you receive from playing in tournaments. The higher you place in the tournament, the more trophies you get!
    You can track how many trophies you have by going to the Events page and selecting “Tournaments”. Here you will be able to keep track of how many trophies you have.

    Stars Tournament Mode

    Welcome to our new Stars Tournament Mode!
    In this mode, there are random reels of categories. Scoring on a category will earn you a permanent star on that reel!
    After submitting a score, all the reels will spin and will stop at a random section on each reel:
    As you collect Stars in rows across or diagonally, you will earn combos of 20 Points. The more rows you create per turn, the more combos you will earn.
    If you are finding the available categories difficult, you can drop a reel by one category by using the Drop Button. You can drop a maximum of one per reel per turn. See the example below:
    If you are unable to score on a particular category, you can place an X on that category, just like in Bingo mode! Keep in mind, Xs on category spaces are permanent.